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Hello! I have version 1.0.0. How do I update to 1.0.3? And then to 1.1.0 when it comes out?


Hey Squires, just a heads-up! v1.1.0 will be coming very soon for Windows/Mac/Linux! Thank you for your patience! <3

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Давно не играл в столь дивную и прекрасную новеллу. Хочу сказать большое спасибо создателям данной игры.  Вы потрудились на славу, ваша работа чертовски крута, а повествование и персонажи Love Esquire не дают заскучать. Надеюсь в будущем вы выпустите ещё много интересных проектов. )


Thank you so much! We are glad you loved the game! (◍•ᴗ•◍) ❤  

Спасибо вам большое! Мы рады, что вам понравилась игра! 



I downloaded the game from here, but how can I transfer the game to steam?

Hi ozawashuri! Apologies for the late response! I don't think you can transfer the game to Steam, unless you bought it from there. ^^;


I already talked to one of the devs and they gave me a steam key, thank you for responding though


25$ what im 14 want me to steal my moms credit card im just gonna find a free version and hope i dont get a virus 

If you're 14, you shouldn't be playing a game like this lol. Go play League of Legends or something.

shiiiiii im been doin this since i was 12


Can i still received future update if i purchase this?

I think you're better off doing it on steam as updates usually get pushed there a bit faster than itch.


Hi ji19 and Rika! Apologies for the late response! will be getting updates, but not as fast as the Steam counterpart because it takes a lot of time for us to upload the whole game in their server. 

But as of writing, has the latest 1.0.3a version that Steam also has. :)


I just wanted to congralute you, your work is pretty sweet! (just got my copy, you have no idea how long I had been looking for something like this).

I do not want to impose, so please take this as a random question:

I once heard something about a big rpg expansion that was floating around as a possiblity for a DLC if your game did well, is that still up?

Anyway, keep up the good work and feel very proud of the awesomeness you have achieved!

Hi terraproxy, we apologize for the late response!

If the game did super awesome we will consider adding the RPG Expansion as a DLC! :D Although right now we can't promise anything since we're still far from breaking even. Please stay tuned for updates, though! And thank you so much for your kind words and support! ❤

Hi,, will this be available in app store(i phone)?

Hi Dave! Sorry for the late response!

LE mobile (iOS/Android) will be out early 2020, hopefully! :)

I don't know if anyone else having this bug but in battle the animation of character are extra small an the battle locks up the game

Hi Paul! We will be updating the game very soon to v1.1.0. Please let us know if you're still encountering this problem after the patch. :)

Hello does this version require any sort of mod or patch like the steam version? (still downloading so I'm unsure) 

This version of the game on does indeed require a mod for 18+ content. (A disclaimer of it not being the 18+ version along with a way to mod it would be nice devs.) I confirmed it earlier today and the only way to apply the mod is to find the files online in a roundabout manner since the developers did not bother to create a separate link for

After hours of playtime, I saved the game the day before an event triggered (Month 4 Day 21).  I then applied the mod, booted up the game again to replay the scene, and found nothing had changed. It might be because of how the scene played out that caused the mod to not work (it skipped a day without saving - Amy's route) or that the mod might require an entirely new save. So be aware that you might need to restart your game.

Dang man that's rough! Any suggestions for where to find the mod? 

I don't want to link directly to it (due to the nature & question of its legality). I can give you vague directions though. Search for "love esquire mod" in a search engine and it's a few searches down with the website being a forum. You'll need an account to access the thread but other than that you should be set.

Sweet! thanks for the pointers man, I was able to find it... and find out that there is a 1.0.1 patch, which doesn't appear to be on here? I wonder if they stopped supporting Or did they just name the build different on Steam and here? Odd. 

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Great that you found it. Apparently there is a 1.0.2 version that has been out on steam since the 12th - that build has some bug fixes and quality of life updates. I don't know what's happening here on the version since it says they updated the page 4 days ago (the same day of the 1.0.2 release on steam). So customers are getting shafted or they're having some difficulties. Hopefully, it's the latter.

I'd recommend anyone interested in buying this game to get the steam version. 

It's not DRM-free but the ease of access to get the R18+ mod, and future updates on the dot make it worth the inconveniences. Also you get the added benefit of trying it out for 2 hours and refunding it if you don't like it.

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