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BEST.VISUAL.NOVEL.EVER!!!! (Has this game been given any award yet? OwO)

I see that this brilliant thing here has a small fandom but honestly, I think it deserves wayyyyy much more than that! Why, from the stunning graphic to the twisted amazing plot, everything is absolutely perfect, and I love the dubbing as well <3

Talking about the cons of the game... I think there's only one - it takes a little too long (perhaps?) to finish the whole game. But I gotta go through it all! (Can't brush off your effort on the game right? >w< )

Anyway, all I want to say is thank you for bringing such a wonderful game to the world. BIG HEART to you <3 


Oh gosh, thank you so much for your praises! Messages like this make our sacrifices worth it! 

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Hi! I downloaded The Letter on the Apple AppStore the other day, and I bought the full version a few days later. So far, I'm loving the game!

But, may I know if the mobile version on the iPhone will be updated anytime soon? Whenever I try to flip to the next page of the journals, it hangs and I can no longer access the journal pages and the profiles. 

Is there also any way for me to play this game on the PC (specifically, a Mac) even though I bought the mobile version? I've paid for the full version mobile game, but I would like to experience it on the PC instead. However, I do not think I can afford to buy the PC version after paying more for the mobile version. 

Hi Valsya! Please send us a screenshot of your game's main menu to We need to check your Player ID in order to verify your purchase. Once we've confirmed it, we will send you a complimentary or Steam key (whichever you prefer). 

We will also update The Letter iOS in the near future. :)


Thank you so much for responding to my comment and for trying to help me out with the issue. I have just sent you the email. I look forward to the key (which you are so kind to offer) and the possible mobile update. :D

Hello, I saw The Letter on Steam, I played the demo too and I really enjoyed the game, I plan to buy it soon. But I'm Brazilian and I still have some difficulty in translating some english words haha ... I wonder if you're going to do some updating for other languages: Brazil or Spain soon? this would be very good for me to be able to understand the story better and hahaha.
I just wanted to get that doubt right, ah .. I'm sorry if I missed a few words, I wrote this for the translator.

Hi Lennyblue, thanks so much for playing The Letter! :)

We do not have budget for localization; as such, our game's translations come from volunteers. Unfortunately, our Spanish translators had not been active for the past months, so we really cannot say if we'd be able to release a Spanish version of the game. We hope you understand!

I understand yes, thanks for the information, even though I do not have a translation I will buy the game, I really loved it a lot and I will try to translate some things through the translator haha. Thanks again ^-^

I've just started the game and I'm excited! I've seen other let's players go through some of it before, but now everyone's lives are in my hands. Muahahaha! 



Thank you! We hope you enjoy it. :)

Wow !!! This is the best horror visual novel I ever found on a smartphone ! (I purchased it on Android) Thank you so much for this game haha ♡

(A dev question : Is this game really made with Ren'Py ? I see no lag O.o everything is so smooth !)

Hello Amethysts! Thank you so much for playing The Letter! We're very glad you loved the game! :)

As for your question, the game is made in Unity.

Hi I purchased this game on the Amozon AppStore and love it, but periodically I experience this game crashing, and I understand that this game use a lot of high memory assets, such as animated backgrounds, but this crashing is getting slightly annoying. Would you be able to update this app from Amazon. I really want to experience this game fully 

Hi Bakura! We are planning on releasing an update, but we cannot guarantee when. Please stay tuned for announcements. :)

Yeah thanks

This Game is so very amazing! :D Is there maybe a German translation soon?

Hi Benn! German translation would entirely depend on volunteers that come forward, as we currently have no budget for translations at the moment. :(

Hi! I loved the demo and want to buy the game but prefer VNs on handheld consoles. Do you have any plans to release on the PS Vita or Nintendo Switch? 

Hi gracefully! We'd love to release on Vita and Switch. In fact, we've already contacted Sony and Nintendo months ago, but sadly, we have yet to receive a response. We'll let you know if anything changes. :)

First off, loved the game when I played the free chapter because I immediately bought the rest. Second I was wondering if there was a way to play it on pc because on mobile Im starting to face issues but I cant and don't want to pay for the game again

Hi Nao! Thank you so much for purchasing the game! :)

Please send us your GooglePlay or iOS receipt at Once we verify your purchase, we'll send you a Steam key or an key, whichever you prefer. 

Just did you are so kind to do this

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I love this game soo much! nice job dear devs :)

Thank you so much! Happy to know you loved the game! ^-^ 

If you haven't yet, we also invite you to join our Discord channel and chat with us and/or fellow fans! Hope to see you there, Daniel! :)

Hi! I was wondering if this game has a steam key, my is a bit faulty so it would be great if there was one!  <3

Hi Holyghostt! Please send us an email at :)

The Game does not play......

It worked fine at first then something crashed when I was scanning my computer and The Letter was open. After that the app would open but it would only be stuck on the  content warning and disclaimer page.

Any Help???

Hello! Please send us an email to with details of what happened. Please also send your output.log (found inside the game folder). Thank you! :)

Ah.. No problem! Everything is fixed! I just had to switch user profiles in order for it to work again, although all my progress has been lost and had to do everything again from the start. Though I should still send you my output log file in order to fix the problem and help any user who has the same problem that I had encountered. The game is great! But I still do not understand everything about the ghost and the mansion, as at the end of the game everything still hasn't been solved and the problem was only fixed temporarily, maybe you guys should make another game, a prologue to The Letter which explains everything that happened in the past! Thanks for replying!

Hello Azian! Glad to know your game is fixed! We do have plans to make a prologue, but it'd depend on the game's sales. :) So please share the game to your friends so we can continue making more visual novels!^^

Legitimately one of my most favorite visual novels to date so far! And still going... best series ever! 

Aww thank you so much!! ♡

Hiii I only see the download option by buying it only for windows, the full game obsly, when will the game be for mac too?? I played the demo and i loved it <3

Hello! It should be released by Early to Mid February. Please check back again soon, and sorry for the inconvenience! :)

Some of the content warnings include sexual themes and violence, but I need to know if the game includes any sexual violence specifically. I would ask more directly about what in the game caused me to ask this question, but unfortunately that would get into spoilers and I don’t know how to censor those here.

Hi MegaDissu, there's a certain CG that implies sexual violence, but it's not very graphic. Please send me a private message at so we can talk about it in details, without worrying about spoilers. :)

So far, I already beat this game and honestly it really satisfied me, but still I feel a little disappointing because no Rebecca sex scene..... She the reason I brought this games. Oh well, thanks for created this magnificent games and if you plan to  created  a new game like this one in the future, please add more hentai scenes without covering the part thing, lol.  Oh ya, I wish a character that resemble  to Rebecca  in your next projects, of course with the same hair color too, pink. I wish you guys best of luck.

Hi Uchiha Tamaki, thank you so much for still enjoying the game despite your disappointment! ^^ Our next game is Love Esquire, and we have a pink-haired girl! ;) Check it out!

sure. 😃

so, i purchased the game via google play. Is there any way one can download it on pc without having to pay for it again? literally, im to the beginning of luke wright's pov.

Hi Pyroclastic_Snow! Thanks for supporting us! :D Please send me your Googleplay receipt at Once we validate it, we'll provide you either a Steam key or key (whichever you prefer) ^^

email sent ^^ and thank you SO much

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Hi Pyroclastic_Snow. Can you resend it, please? I haven't received anything, two days later. :(

sending again now

and im sorry for all thr trouble

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Just bought the game...where I can download the Linux version?

Edit:I see only the Windows version...

Hi Violette, our Linux and Mac versions (full game) are sadly down at the moment. :( We'll put it back up ASAP and let you know! Please give us a couple of days. We're really sorry for the inconvenience! >_<

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No Windows 7 is always alive XD

I just mostly use my shiny new rig with Kubuntu to play these days ^^

Thanks for your quick response :)

Btw,your game is  awesomely well made!!!

Phew, that's a relief. Thank you so much! Glad you're enjoying the game! ^-^

Any news on the Linux version ? Still having issues ?

Hi PublicLewdness and Violette! We just released the Linux version, thank you for waiting! Please let us know if there are any problems! :)

Thank you for the hard work !

Here is my first episode and the link to my playlist of my Let's Play :) I am digging it. Good Job

Thank you for sharing this! ^-^ Please don't forget to leave us a review if you enjoyed the game! Feel free to join our Discord channel as well! :D

well developers can I ask you what's the difference between the two versions v1.0.9 and v1.1.1.And does v1.0.9 contain all 7 chapters?Its the last one I want to ask.

Both versions have the full chapters, but v1.1.1 is more polished, stable and less buggy in general.

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can you upload an update patch to v1.1.1 because all my tries to update it just waste my time.And thanks to help me with my graphical issue.No issues now.Just an update one.I purchase the game on stream and unable to get the latest version since.

Hi Akash, if you bought the game on Steam, then it should update automatically. If it isn't updating automatically, open up the game properties (right click the game in your Library) go to the "Local Files" tab, then select "Verify Integrity of Game Cache" it should force an update if one is available.


Thank you very much.

No problem! :)

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please tell me why I am getting wrong textures? Characters like Rebecca,Ashton,etc appears blue.Please help me.The are appearing totally blue?How can I solve it?

Hello Akash. May we know the brand/model of your graphics card? Sorry for the inconvenience. :(

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thanks for the reply.I think I have integrated graphics.I well does not know much about all this stuff but , I am facing this textures issue.Please help me to solve this problem.I purchase this game and facing this issue other wise the game is really good and perfect.

And one more thing how to update my game to latest version ,I am using v1.0.9 currently.And I know that v1.1.1 is out.

Hello Akash. Where did you purchase the game? Our and Steam versions both have the latest builds, and your 1.0.9 is rather old. 

Regarding your texture problem, we're thinking its a problem with your graphics card, that's why we're asking what you're using; the game is working fine for almost all other players. >.<

so any solution to fix this problem,rather to buy other system or graphic card.And how to update.

Anyways the game is very good and I love the game play.Thanks.

Hi Akash. We're not sure at the moment how we can help you with the texture problem as it's not happening on our end, plus we don't have enough information, so we can't debug it and check what's wrong. For now, our best guess is your graphis card might be a bit old and can't process the textures properly. 

As for the update, where did you buy the game? If you bought it here on, you should have v1.1.1 automatically. If you buy it on Steam, it should also automatically update to the newest version.

Hi. I played the demo and I loved it! I just have a quick question, I plan on buying it but I want to know if my saves will continue from where I left off or do I have to start over?

Hello! Thank you for considering to buy the game! ^^ Your save files from the demo should remain even after buying the full game. :)

I have been playing this for seven episodes now (my latest is below!) and I am absolutely in love. I just started Hannah's side of the story and have PLENTY more to go after four hours of play time! DEFINITELY a deal for the money and it's so well written and animated! Completely in love!

The full playlist:

Thank you for sharing! ♡ Glad to know you liked the game! :D

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He'ya gang! We're proud to announce that The Letter is finally out on! Grab it now while it's 25% off! 

Thank you so much for your patience! We hope the long wait is worth it! ^-^ ♡

*If you encountered any problems, or have any questions/concerns, please email us at

Hey gang! Sorry for the long wait, but The Letter will be released on Itch before the month ends! Watch out for further announcements because it's coming really soon <3

So, there will be no Linux version on

There will be Mac and Linux. :) We are processing them now as we speak. We just had to take them down for a while.

Hello Xelex! Linux version is up, thank you for patiently waiting! Please let us know if you encounter any problems! :)

WOW! This Game ist very Amazing!!! :D I LOVE IT ^^

Thank you! ♡

The ghost of this game is very beautiful.

Can you up this game (not demo) for one day for all OS ? Please.....

Hi Ririchi! We will release the full version of The Letter on soon! We're just ironing out a lot of things first to avoid releasing several patches here. :)


37 DAYS LATER..............


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Hahaha sorry about that Dustin! We're uploading the build now as we speak, so it's gonna be released before the month is over, definitely! :) We're terribly sorry for the wait! m_m;;

May I ask what game engine was to make this wonderful game?

Unity! :D

Thank you! ^^

Full game is out now on steam and it's super fun so far! 

please readd demo i want to test b4 buying

Hi Pyotr82! We will re-add the demo soon! We're just updating it to a better and longer version! :) Thank you for understanding!

Hi Pyotr82! The download links should be working now :) Thank you for your patience.

I can't find the Download button.

Hi shadowplayer! Sorry for this. The demo is currently down because we're updating it with a new one. It will be up sometime this week. :) Thank you for understanding!

Hi shadowplayer! The download links should be working now :) Thank you for your patience.

Thank you! :)

Is the download for the demo down?

Hi LP90! Sorry for this. The demo is currently down because we're updating it with a new one. It will be up sometime this week. :) Thank you for understanding!

Hi LP90! The download links should be working now :) Thank you for your patience.

Will the full game be available on DRM free  once it is released ?

Yep!! But right now we're prioritizing a Steam release first. and Humble Store release will come a bit later. :) Please stay tuned for updates! :D

No worries, i'm a patient person. Thanks for the reply.

Gave it a go...


He'ya StepThaGamer!! Thank you so much for covering our game in your channel! So glad you enjoyed it!! :D Don't forget to Wishlist the game on Steam! We're releasing this July 24! ❤


What up Yangyang! Thanks for an awesome experience and I most definitely didn't forget to wishlist the game. Hope you guys have a successful release! Bless!

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I loved playing the demo and can't wait for the release!! The characters, storyline, and art so far are wonderful~~ I'm interested in playing the full version of the game/visual novel. Quick question: approximately how much is the game going to cost? I need to start saving up~~

Hi bluearmufs! :D Thank you so much for your interest in The Letter! The full price of the game will be $19.99 USD, with a 10% launch discount. Don't forget to Wishlist the game on Steam so you'll be notified of it's release (July 24)! ♡


ANNOUNCEMENT: This is not a drill, everyone!! The Letter releases on July 24, 2017!! :D Please support our Thunderclap campaign!!

Click here to read the full update!

can´t wait i realy loved the game

Really fantastic stuff in all departments; great art, voice acting and features like the journal and relationship pages are a nice touch. Definitely interested in playing the full game, great job!


Hi Mister, thank you so much! We're glad you liked the game! ❤ Release is near, so don't forget to wishlist it on Steam ( and be notified when it gets released!

Sorry for taking soo long but i was kinda sick sooo i could not upload any vids for a week

Here´s last ep. 

Cnat wait to play the full game.

AWESOME! Thank you so much for uploading the whole demo and for answering the survey! <3 So glad you liked the game, can't wait for you to play the full version! :D We're almost there!


Well can´t wait either you have without doubt created something amazing wich i am very much looking forward to play

Thanks for the amazing demo

Deleted 2 years ago

Hi megane! :D Of course I remember you! No worries, we will release the game here on as well. Please stay tuned for updates; we're just making sure the build on Steam is stable first before distributing it to other stores ^^

Glad to hear cause your game is 100% sure be a full gameplay on my channel, cause it was amazing to play the demo...

Thanks for the quick answer

will it take long for it to be on itch?

My god that was realy unexpected....

...really enjoying the game though

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