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Hello, how to continue the game after the heroin gets stuck in the office and the ghost comes to kill her?? I couldn't play it after that...if it can be continued with some payment, please let me know...and how to proceed...regards, a fan of the game... : )

Hi! Firstly I’d like to say this is overall an amazing game. I can clearly see the amount of time and effort that went into this! I have one issue though that is currently ruining my experience of the whole game. I can’t read the next pages of the journal- it freezes when i press “next”  and I can’t access the other dates or the profile section unless I exit and re-enter the game. It’s really frustrating because I want to read the updates in the journal but can’t! I’ve sent an email as well, with video evidence. Could you please try to fix this as soon as possible (an update)? Thanks in advance!

Hello, we have not encountered such an issue in the latest build that was uploaded. Did you buy the game here in

I bought it from the App Store, I’m playing the game on my iPad. 

Apologies for the late response! We're already aware of this issue and we'll be making a patch as soon as we're able to. Right now our small team is preoccupied with other things at the moment so we won't be able to commit a deadline. Please stay tuned for updates in the Apple app store.

Thank you and stay safe. :)

I have the same problem too. I’m playing on my IPad and I just can’t turn pages or other dates entries in the journal. I can’t even open profiles. It’s kinda sad because the game is soooo good but a lot is lost from not being able to access certain content. AELP.

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Hello! Thanks for the incredible VN :)

Slight problem I’m having: I can’t read the next pages of the Journal. When I press next, it freezes and I can’t check the other dates or the profiles anymore too unless I exit and re-enter. 

When will there be an update? (iOS)

Hi Twyssted, thank you so much for playing The Letter!

We'll investigate this issue and be sure to include the necessary fixes once we update The Letter iOS version. Since we're a small team, right now all of our developers are focused on Love Esquire's release, so the update for The Letter might take awhile. We can't commit a date for now,  but please stay tuned for updates in the Apple store! :)

hi, I’m really in love with this game, even though I’ve only played the first chapter, I immediately purchased all of the chapters. I have a question though, I really enjoyed playing as Isabella and I wanted to keep playing as her, y’know like I didn’t feel as if I really completed her story. Is it like that now I play the other chapters I don’t get to play as her anymore?

Hi Princessss, Isabella's point of view is only until Chapter 1. For the rest of the chapters, you get to play as other characters of the game to show the different scenarios/events in the story. Isabella's involvement in the succeeding chapters highly depends on the decisions you made on her chapter. :)


oh okay, when I send my question I was like ‘ugh I probably can’t, this is gonna suck’ but when I actually played the chapters I didn’t really care anymore ‘cause they were soooooo goooood. This is honestly one of the best game ever, I literally stayed up all night playing it until I got exhausted. So thank you so much for making it. You’ve made me really happy :)

Aww, thank you so much! We are so happy as well to hear that! Hope you enjoy the game until the very end. Please don't forget to leave us a review!  ☆彡

*coughs in Android* 

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