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Hey guess what

Yeah you guessed right another cringy gameplay of your game, but this time nothing is different from the last so rest assured no one will be spared from this...

Wow now that was a weird thing to write...hope you enjoy part 2

PART 3! PART 3! PART 3! :D

Hey finaly out the first ep of my gameplay of your DEMO

Once again amazing game and one of the best VN i´ve played

Awesome!! Thank you so much for this! Looking forward to Part 2 <3

This game is too awesome! Honestly, I've just played the Demo and I really think this game is gonna be super great, especially because I like the horror genre. Also, a few weeks ago (if I'm not wrong) I've played the spin-off called The Diary and it's was really cute. I really look forward to play this game as well!

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Hello Rina! Thank you so much for playing both The Diary and The Letter! We're very happy to know you liked both our games! :D Don't forget to wishlist The Letter on Steam so you'll be notified when it gets released! ^_^

Just played the Demo after seeing the trailer on steam, looks great! i can't wait till its released! I'm wondering where the music for the steam trailer came from though, as it was excellent, looking forward to playing this, keep up the good work, take as long as needed. Better out late than buggy i always say :)

Hello dmodblackwolf! Thank you so much for trying out our demo! I'm so glad you liked it! :D The song that was used in the Steam Trailer is the game's original opening theme. Apart from that, we have two more songs that'll be showcased in the final game! Please look forward to it! ❤

It's already 2017 Pls release it in Android pretty please.

Hi Tiramisu! We're working as hard as we can! The PC release will be out by around Q2 2017, so expect mobile release to be out by Q3! :) We're almost there; hang tight!

In the meantime, please check out The Diary! It's a mini spin-off that we did featuring Rebecca Gales and Ashton Frey when they were kids. Here's the google store link: :D


I can't wait to throw my money for this game once's it's out. The demo really hyped me for this game.


Thank you littlegal!! Our release is coming soon, so please stay tuned! (•̀o•́)ง You can follow us on our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr) to get the latest updates. :D

I'm a little disheartened by the fact that this is going to be a purchased game, although it looks interesting. I might just get the demo to try it out, but I don't really have the means to pay for this when it becomes released and not exactly sure how asking my parents to buy this would go- not keen on finding out either. Sorry if this seems like a waste of a comment, but I felt compelled to at least express my opinion.

Hi Izura! No need to apologize for expressing your opinion. :) We're really happy that you've at least tried our demo! Thank you!

As for purchasing the game, we might hold contests/giveaways in the future wherein you can win a copy of the full game. No promises yet when that'll happen, but you can follow us on our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr) to get the latest updates. :D

Thanks again dropping by!

Would like to pre-order the game on itchio ,please ^^

I'm in love with the artwork,the characters,the creepy noises,the...can't wait for the full version!

Hi Violette!! We're so glad you liked the game, thank you for the praises! ^^ We're currently not yet open to pre-orders, but once we do (closer to release, but no promises yet!, as we hadn't really thought if we're gonna be accepting pre-orders again), we'll update you ASAP! :D Thanks again!! <3

This is a high quality visual novel. When I read 'The diary ' I was definitely sure that I would also try 'The letter ' too. It's a horror visual novel. Though I was scared at first , I slowly fell in love with the game. I already started to love Isabella. Her voice is so sweet. I definitely love the art work too. It's neat and the butterfly effects are amazing. Sounds are creepy. They should be creepy after all it's a horror visual novel. The demo is too short. I am addicted to it and want more. I just can't wait for the full version. I overall love the experience with this visual novel. This visual novel is on the another level. (*'▽'*)♪

Oh gosh, this made my day! ❤ ❤ Thank you so much Nowreen for trying both The Diary and The Letter!! We can't wait to bring you the full game~! We're working hard everyday to make the wait worth it!! (•̀o•́)ง

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As someone who can't really handle horror games, I really enjoyed this game. I love the voice acting and I enjoyed the animations as the characters talk. That was really cool! The story so far is interesting and I can't wait to find more about it when the full game gets released! Here's my full gameplay of the beta demo. Happy Halloween!

Hi FuhnTymeMC! ^_^ Thank you so much for giving our game a try, even though you're not keen on playing horror games! We're really glad you enjoyed The Letter; rest assured we'll do our best to keep up the quality until release :D Happy Halloween to you too!

Great game so far! The story has that typical ambience horror I like so much, the art is gorgeous and the music is eerie and nice. I can't wait for the full version!

Thank you so much for the kind words, Konoi! We'll do our best to deliver a truly terrifying experience! (In a good way, of course!) ;D

I'm sure you'll manage to do it perfectly!

Also, I forgot to mention it, but I love the butterfly effect and relationships menus (can't wait to see the full extent of that) - it reminds me of Until Dawn, wich is a good thing since this is my favorite horror game!

Awesome, that's great to know! :D We'll try to polish those features as much as we can by release! Thank you again for the support! ^^

Alright here is the ending to the demo! I really hope to see more of this game soon, it's really spooky and well written.

Sorry for the wait, gang! The Letter Beta Demo for Windows 32-bit is up and ready for download! :)

I played the alpha and did some videos for it and now with the beta I felt the need to do it again. Nice updates, can't wait for more!

Thank you for the coverage! ^_^

Hey there guys,

I am happy it is in beta form now. I do hope it can hit an October release or November release.

Hi Dustin, we'll have some news about this in our upcoming August monthly update. Please stay tuned, and thank you for playing the demo! ^^

Hello everyone! The Beta demo has been released! ^^ Links have been updated, so pressing the "Download" button should work now! If you encounter any problems, please let us know!

Patch notes can be found here:

Download not working :(

Could you update it?

Hi Azor, you can download the alpha demo here:

But we're working on a beta version of the demo (it's going to be much better than alpha), so we suggest you wait for that instead :)

they want you to copy the mediafire link


I can't download it T-T

me too...

copy the mediafire link and put it in the address bar

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